Pet Gravity smart ball

Pet Gravity smart ball

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SqueakJoy Pet Play Pack
Durable Dog Knot Chew Rope

Durable Dog Knot Chew Rope

From CHF 18.00
  Natural Rubber Feeding Toy-Toys

Natural Rubber Feeding Toy

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Welcome to Toy Haven at The Goofy Dog! 🎉🐾 Dive into our world of fun with a collection designed to entertain and delight your furry friends.

🔍 Sensory Fun: Engage your pet’s natural instincts with our Snuffle Mat. Perfect for treat hiding, it offers mental stimulation and tons of fun.

🐕 Squeak, Squeak!: Our Squeak Toys are built for durability and endless squeaks. Watch your pets light up with each sound, turning playtime into an exciting squeaky adventure.

🔄 Tough Tug Play: Get ready for interactive play sessions with our Bite-Resistant Rope. It’s strong, safe, and perfect for tug-of-war or fetch.

🍖 Interactive Feeding: Mix fun and nourishment with our Rubber Feeding Toy. It dispenses treats during play, combining physical activity with mental challenges.

Toy Haven isn’t just a collection—it’s a celebration of play. 🎈 Each toy is crafted with your pet’s happiness in mind, ensuring that playtime is always an adventure. Whether it’s sniffing out treats, enjoying a squeaky symphony, engaging in a tug-of-war challenge, or solving a treat-filled puzzle, there’s something here for every pet.

🛒 Shop now and turn ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Because at The Goofy Dog, we believe every tail deserves a wag and every playtime should be an adventure. Let the playfulness begin!