Pet Dog Leash-Leash

Pet Dog Leash

From CHF 24.00
1.2m * 2.5cm1.5m * 2.5cm1.8m * 2.5cm
LumiPaws LED Safety Collar

LumiPaws LED Safety Collar

CHF 21.00
  Dog Harness with Handle-Harness

Dog Harness with Handle

From CHF 26.00

Welcome to the Wear Collection at The Goofy Dog! 🌟🐕 Dive into our exclusive ensemble of chic and practical accessories, designed to blend fashion with function, elevating your furry friend's style while ensuring their comfort and safety.

🐾 Stylish Collars: Our Dog Collars are more than accessories—they're a fashion statement. Crafted from high-quality materials, they provide durability and distinctive designs, letting your pup show off their unique style.

🚶‍♂️ Secure Harnesses: Ideal for adventurous dogs, our Harnesses combine security with comfort. They’re engineered to allow freedom without sacrificing control, available in various colors and patterns to reflect your dog’s personality.

🏷️ Safety First with Pet ID Tags: Ensure your pet's safety with our customizable Pet ID Tags. Not just practical, these tags can be personalized with your pet’s name and your contact details, providing peace of mind wherever you go.

🐶 Durable Leashes: Complete your pet’s look with our stylish Leashes, crafted for durability and ease. Choose from classic or vibrant designs to match your style, ensuring a secure grip for safe explorations.

At The Goofy Dog, we see your pets as cherished family members. The Wear Collection is our promise of premium quality, designed to enhance the bond between you and your pet. 🛍️ Explore today and treat your furry friend to the finest in canine couture!